Idina Menzel talking about raising money for the Fred Gabler Helping Hand Camp Fund, to help commemorate the lives lost in 9/11. (x)


@IdinaMenzel went above & beyond today! Not only did she stop by #CFCharityDay to support #FredGablerHelpingHandCampFund, Inc., but she also helped keep the #WallStreet tradition alive by cutting the tie off Cantor’s own Scott Sodokoff! To learn more about #CFReliefFund & to see how you can support, head to



I laugh at the fact that people would hate on Idina Menzel for being what they say “overrated”. Like really? You really wanna hate on a hardworking and inspiring woman who achieved a lot and has menaged to make a successful career out of being a jewish bar/ wedding singer all by herself? A strong…